Monday, March 17, 2008

Music Box Lid: Chip carving

The music box project is progressing along as planned.

I got to the point where the lid was turned.

I was pleased with the lid but realized that some surface treatment would add a nice touch.

So I went back to SketchUp and modeled a pattern to carve on the lid.


  • Draw out a circle the size of the lid, this also provides a drawing plane
  • Add an internal circle that matches the center (not to be carved) of the lid.
  • Divide the circle up with the protractor into four quadrants
  • Use SketchUp drawing tools to make a pattern in one quadrant
  • Then copy and flip it into the other quadrants.
  • Print full size
  • Lay over lid and trace the pattern with graphite paper
  • Carve away!

Soon I will post the completed project on turnedoutright.


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