Friday, March 6, 2009

Threaded Vessels

I just started working on a new technique for making vessels that seal.

Turning threads in vessels is certainly a skill as well as an art form, but sometimes the movement of wood prevents good seals due to poor thread engagement.

I wanted to make a humidor so I started modeling ways of using PVC fittings for the closures.
This prototype use a staved design, made of pine. Its threads come from a 5 inch pvc threaded pipe coupling. The top has a lens from an old big screen TV. The inside will be veneered with Spanish cedar. Maybe some chip carving as well ......

Below are pictures of my progress. I will keep this site updated.

The workspace where the components were modeled.

The assembly notice the PVC threads and the lens in the top.

The real thing with the shop drawings to the left .

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