Sunday, August 10, 2008

Holy Water Font

I just completed the Holy Water Font. Above you can see the model and the finished project.

This project included many disciplines, woodturning, inlays, guilding and metal spinning.
In this post I will focus on the modelling part of the project. Turning details can be found at

View Extents
Above you can see all the objects of the model. The main part of the models object can be seen on the virtual lathe. These parts were assembled and colored to the right.

Turning at the Virtual Lathe

Seen in this close up all the components were modeled in the round. Then the halfmoons (lower right and left of the back) were subtracted from the back by intersecting 3D circles with the model. Note: I decided not to use these in the real model. Also the ring that held the AL dish was designed with a solid bottom but I made it an open ring during turning since I was afraid it would retain water.

The Rings
The rings were also modeled in 3D. I decided to use the flat model on the right for the actual carving but used the 3d version on the left for the model printouts.

The AL Dish
This story stick printed full scale was used to make the spinning mandrel.

The Final Assembly

Above you can see the final assembly, where the fit was tested.
More turning details at

Go buy the book "Woodturning with SketchUp"

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