Friday, August 22, 2008

Modeling "Leaf Extraodinaire"

In this months issue of American Woodturner Tim Yodler teaches us how to turn a "German Ring turning".

I couldn't leaf this idea alone, I just had to try and model it. I haven't tried turning it yet but I think that turning is way harder than modeling it.

This model made my PC groan! Below are some hints on the process.

The finished model
Turn it on the Virtual Lathe
  • Imported a leaf graphic to use as a model.
  • Draw with line tools over it on the grid insuring it was "closed".
  • Then "turn it" on the virtual lathe

Getting the 1/8 section
  • Group and copy the entire turning to the right of the lathe
  • Insert 4 panels into the truning to create the angled surfaces
  • Select it all and ungroup every thing
  • With it all selected "intersect" it
  • Delete all the surfaces except for one 1/8 section 
Getting the 1/8 section

That was fun! Now I need to turn one, not so easy?


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